About Cooling Brothers

Cooling Brothers Building
Cooling brothers building from 1980

Founded in Perth in 1946

Cooling Brothers was founded in 1946 by Ronald Ernest Cooling, together with wife Doris Cooling, and later Frank Cooling, Ronald’s brother. Immediately, the focus was a customer first strategy - working backwards from what the market was asking.

Following the second world war, glass machinery was unavailable so Ronald would design and build the equipment in the factory to suit the market requirements. The commitment to specialist solutions saw the product range grow exponentially, with the business becoming the first company in WA to fabricate perspex and mould it into shapes, including perspex fluorescent signs for shop advertising and display stands. By the mid fifties Cooling Brothers was a thriving local glass business, well known throughout Perth.  

Glass making factory
Glass panels in a staircase

A continued investment in technology delivers growth

In 2009, the company moved to a custom-built 7000sqm facility in High Wycombe, complete with two furnaces, custom laminating line and Dip-Tech digital printer. The investment in technology continues today, and we now specialise in a slew of specialised glass products such as digital printing, acoustic glass, ballistic glass and complex custom laminates. We are proud to operate as one of Western Australia’s leading glass processing companies, supplying glass to projects all over Australia.
A man working in glass making factory

Careers in Glass

We believe regular education and training is crucial to the ongoing development and competitiveness of a strong and competitive industry, and we work closely with the Australian Glass and Window Association (AGWA) to ensure all our staff are competent in the latest standards.
Continued investment and development in our staff is the driving philosophy behind our success, as without our staff, we simply would not be where we are today. We consider our staff to be our most important asset, and we pride ourselves as an equal opportunity employer with a multicultural workforce, while maintaining a strict zero tolerance policy on discrimination of any type.

We partner with leading European and American glass and interlayer manufacturers to develop our products specifically for the requirements of the Australian market

Our commitment to continued product development is underpinned by deep global partnerships with global glass and interlayer manufacturers. These partnerships allows us to remain abreast of new technologies and bring them quickly to market, while providing peace of mind with the backing of trusted global network.

We source the majority of our glass from premium European and American flat glass manufacturers for the ultimate in low-e performance, and stringent quality assurance. Our custom laminated products are powered by interlayer technology from Eastman and Kuraray, an area of processing where only the very best will do to deliver the highest structural performance.

Levels of glass panels in a building
Vista View Balustrades
ImagInk Printed Glass;